Writing Tips

Every Monday, I put up a blog piece on writing tips for writers on how to approach writing a fiction or fantasy novel. Below is a catalogue of the titles (with links) to the blog pieces.

General Tips

Five Questions Writers Should Themselves (And The One To Avoid!)

How To Approach Writing A Novel?

Why People Decide To Write A Novel?

How To Choose The Right POV For Your Story?

Top five Ways To Beat Writers’s Block

The Importance of Boredom

How To Create An Engaging Main Character

How To Create A Compelling Secondary Character

How To Create A Memorable Villain or Antagonist

How Writers Can Target Their Audience Better?

How To Build A Sophisticated Fantasy World

How To Write A Phenomenal Battle

How To Write An Emotional Death Scene

The Purpose Of An Ending & A Beginning

The Trick To Writing A Brilliant Chapter

The Four Fundamental Aspects To Writing Great Dialogue