Writing Tips

Every Monday, I put up a blog piece on writing tips for writers on how to approach writing a fiction or fantasy novel. Below is a catalogue of the titles (with links) to the blog pieces.

Film Reviews

General Tips & Single Posts

How To Write Plot

How To Write Subplots

How To Write A Shocking & Dramatic Plot Twist

Main Characters

How To Create An Engaging Main Character

How To Write Anti-Heroes

How To Get Your Main Character Out Of A Sticky Situation

How To Turn A Good Guy Bad (i.e. Corrupt Your Main Character in Four Steps)

How To Fix A Mary-Sue (Or A Gary-Stu)

How To Create An Instantly Likeable Protagonist

How To Create Immediate Empathy For Your Protagonist

How To Create Instant Sympathy/Pity For Your Protagonist

Secondary Characters

How To Create A Compelling Secondary Character


How To Create A Memorable Villain or Antagonist

How To Create Empathy/Sympathy For Your Villain

How Writers Can Target Their Audience Better?

How To Build A Sophisticated Fantasy World

Eight Great Tips On How To Write A Phenomenal Battle

How To Write An Emotional Death Scene

How To Write The Perfect Beginning & Ending

The Trick To Writing A Brilliant Chapter

The Four Fundamental Aspects To Writing Great Dialogue

The Art To Writing Subliminal Messages

Fourteen Ways To Portray Fathers In Fantasy And Fiction

Fourteen Ways To Depict Mothers In Stories