Video Interview With Film Director And Author Kenneth Mader

Today, we are privileged to have a video interview with film director and author Kenneth Mader. Kenneth is the award-winning director of Displacement and has published the sci-fi novel Afterlife, which is Volume I of The Arcadia Chronicles.

Recently, Kenneth and I have been conversing on Instagram. Surely enough, he kindly agreed to answer some questions via over Skype. Watch this exclusive video interview and enjoy.

End of Interview

video interview with film director and author kenneth mader - his book
Kenneth’s book, Afterlife, is available on Amazon. Check it out!

That brings out video interview with film director and author Kenneth Mader to an end. I would like to thank Kenneth for his time and to say that it has been delightful getting to know him. In addition, I wish him all the best with his future writings, including the next volume in the Arcadia Chronicles; and with the next movie that he is going to helm, Deep Focus.

You can purchase his sci-fi novel, Afterlife, on Amazon. Moreover, check out his feature length movie, Displacement. It is excellent and I thoroughly recommend it.

Lastly, like Kenneth on Facebook; follow him on Instagram and Twitter; and check out his website, LinkedIn and IMDB page. Then, you will be able to keep up to date with him. And you will know precisely when his next book and film will come out.

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