Video Interview With Author Maleeha Bertin

Today, Paul’s Fantasy Writings has the honour of a video interview with author Maleeha Bertin. Maleeha is a life coach, mentor, YouTuber and the author of two books: The Girl Who Loved Herself and 101+ Ways To Transform Yourself.

Recently, I got in touch with Maleeha via Instagram and she kindly agreed to an interview.

End of Interview

Maleeha’s brilliant second book, which you can download fro free from her website.

sadly, that brings an end to our video interview with author Maleeha Bertin. I would like to thank Maleeha for her time, and to say that talking to her was delightful. I wish her all the best in her future writings, life coaching, and travels.

You can purchase Maleeha’s first book, The Girl Who Loved Herself, on Amazon. Moreover, you can download her second book 101+ Ways To Transform Yourself for free from her website. I highly recommend that you check them both out. Maleeha’s books could turn your life around, and for the better!

Otherwise, like Maleeha on Facebook, and follow her Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Thus, when Maleeha releases video or written content, you will know first.

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