Video Interview With Author JM Buckler

Today, we are privileged to have a video interview with author JM Buckler. JM has written the award-winning fantasy series, The Seeker of Time. Her works have received critical acclaim from reviewing publications, like Kirkus Reviews. Plus, JM has featured on major news networks like ABC, NBC and Fox News.

(Just to say, the video takes a few seconds to start. But it once it does start, it makes for great viewing.)

End of Interview

video interview with jm buckler - her modelling work.
JM Buckler also does modelling work and has appeared on the front page of magazines.

That brings an end to our video interview with author JM Buckler. I hope you enjoyed the interview. Personally, I had a wonderful time getting to know JM and found her charming, delightful and humorous. I wish her all the best in her future writings, her dancing, her modelling, and for the exciting projects she has coming out later this year.

You can purchase JM’s brillant fantasy series, The Seeker of Time, on Amazon. Otherwise, like her on Facebook; follow her on Instagram and Twitter; and check out her website, to keep up-to-date with her and to know exactly when her next book and project will be revealed.

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