Since starting my blog, I have had the honour of interviewing many wonderful and super-talented authors, filmmakers, actors, models, YouTubers, life coaches, writing coaches, artists and Instagram sensations. Below is a list of the interviews I’ve done, separated by profession and genre:



Danielle L Jensen – The USA Today Bestselling Author of The Malediction Trilogy

Estelle TudorOctavia Bloom And The Missing Key

Garrett Robinson – The Amazon Bestselling Author of The Nightblade Epic series, The Academy Journals series, and Tales of the Wanderer, and the owner of Legacy Books

Hashmi GorRules of Fate, and other fantasy novels

Iris McKairin – Author of Destiny’s Champion

JC KangUSA Today Bestselling Author of Dragons Songs Saga and Scions of the Black Lotus

JM BucklerAward-Winning Author of The Seeker of Time series and model (VIDEO)

Kara S Weaver – Author of Crown of Conspiracy

Lanie Mores – Author of Father of Contention series

Melissa A Joy – A neurodiverse author with autism of Keys Of The Origin and Endeavours Of The Unsung

ML Spencer – Author of The Rhenwars Saga, The Chaos Cycle and Dragon Mage

Naomi Kelly – Author of Trial By Obsidian and Meraki

Tyffany HackettAward-Winning Author of The Thanatos Trilogy and The Genesis Crystal Saga

Dark Fantasy

JA Stone – Author of Bloodroot, as well as 14 other dark fantasy and sci-fi novels

Zion Blue – Author of Sorrow Patch

YA Fantasy

Angelika Koch – Author of Pernicious: True Evil (VIDEO)

Astrid V J – Author of The Sibling’s Tale series

Danielle Harrington – Author of The Diseased Ones

James Hudson – Author of The Sentient Being Chronicles

Jessica Scurlock – Author of Pretty Lies

Jon David – Author of The Morgalla Chronicles

Keshia McEntire – Author of YA Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic fantasy books, such as The Eden Saga, Alice & The Voodoo Queen, and The Slay Anthology (VIDEO)

NM Thorn – Author of The Fire Salamander Chronicles

Nyna Queen – Author of The Trueborn Heirs series

Sara Francis – Author of The Terra Testimonies

Shauna Richmond – Author of The Raghnall Universe

Paranormal Fantasy

Delizhia Jenkins – Author of The Vampire Hunters Academy series, among others

Urban Fantasy

Brittni Chenelle – Mentor & USA Today Bestselling Author of The Fae & The Fallen, Chaste Blood and Kingdom Cold, among other books (VIDEO)

Jessica CageAward-Winning & USA Today Bestselling Author of The Sires Sires, The Jinn Rebellion, and she partook in The Slay Anthology, among other books

CC SolomonUSA Today Bestselling Author of The Paranormal World series and Deathly Touches

New Adult

Tijan – The New York Times bestselling Author of Enemies, as well as The Carter Reed and The Fallen Crest series.

Kandi Steiner – The New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author of Neat, as well as over 20 other Romance and New Adult novels.


Denise N Wheatley – Author of The Road To Bliss, Shadow Of A Man and Wards Of The Women, among others

Lyndsey Gallagher – Author of The Seven Year Itch

Melanie A. Smith – The International Bestselling & Award-Winning Author of The Safeguard Heart Series and The Life Lessons Series, among other books

ML Broome – Author of A Series of Moments series

Moni Boyce – World Traveler & Award-Winning Author of Redemption Of The Heart, All I Want For Christmas Is An Alpha, and The Oracle Chronicles, among other contemporary and/or paranormal romance novels.

Pearl Khatri – The Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Women’s Contemporary Romance Author of Those Chance Encounters

S Raven Storm – Author of the Someone For Me series, A Witch’s Proposition, and Chance & Sage, among other books (VIDEO interview)

Sarah RobinsonMisadventures Of The Cage, and the Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling Author of The Kavanagh Legends and The Photographer Trilogy

TL Clark – Author of Love Bites

Action Romance

Skylar Kingsley – Author of Captured, Volume I of The Orion Protection Series

Dark Romance

Carly Davis – Author of the Crash & Burn series, the Sinners & Saints series and the Corrupted Angels series

Shanjida Nusrath Ali – Author of The Dark Love series

Paranormal Romance

Stella Williams – The USA Today Bestselling Author of The Langsmith Shifters series, The Secret of Ceres series, and His Soul To Keep, among others (VIDEO)

Rockstar Romance

SJ Sylvis – Author of Truth

Erotic Romance

Pebbles Lacasse – Author of 13 novels, including The Coaching Rayna series, My Wife & Master Jake, and Goldilocks & The Three Bear Brothers: Trifecta

Tragic Romance

Avinish Parthak – Author of The Tragic End of Love

Science Fiction

Hannah Ross – Author of Quest of the Messenger and Frozen World series

Children’s novels/Junior Fiction

Aya Khalil – Author of The Arabic Quilt

Faith Goldstein – Author of Gorillas’ Night Out

Kimberley B Jones – Author of Our Friendship Matters

Lee Curniffe – Author of The Three Princesses (Written & VIDEO interview)

Michael Grossman – Author of My Favourite Comedian

Valerie Bolling – Author of Let’s Dance!


Alyanna Poe – Author of Eaten


Sophie Queen – Author of Riley’s Excellent And Not-At-All Fake Exorcism Service (VIDEO)


Dina SantorelliIn The Red and the Amazon Bestselling Baby Grand series

JT Ellison – Author of Good Girls Lie and the New York Times Bestselling Author of Lie To Me

Kanchana Banerjee – Author of A Forgotten Affair and Nobody’s Child

Mariette Whitcomb – Psychological Thriller & Romance Suspense Author of the Finley series


Mark Torres – Author of Adeline

Samantha Goodwin – Author of Murder At Macbeth


Gabrielle McMaster – Author of Not Always Blu Skyes

Hassan Siddiqui – Author of Twenty Bright Paths

Michael Sarais – Author of All Of My Friends Are Rich

Rivka Cohen – Managing Editor of Monologues From The Makom (VIDEO interview)

Shrutidhora P Mohor – Author of Where The Sky Feels Cold and other contemporary novels

Multi-Genre Authors

Alyshia Nath – Author of For Normal People, With Special Needs

Cindy Davis – Author of Murder Mystery, Romance-Suspense and New Age novels, including A Little Murder, Final Masquerade and Zipacna’s Legacy, and an Award-Winning Editor

Deanna Martinez-Bey – Author of non-fiction cook books and contemporary fiction stories, like Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star, The Ultimate Guide To Cheesecakes, and Hot Cocoa, Green Tea And The Man Who Sweetened My Heart, among other books

Elsa Joseph – Romance Author of Best Kept Secret and children’s author of Dylan’s Cozydove

King De’Kari/Khatari – Author of the urban fiction series Gorillaz In The Bay and Tears of a Gangsta, and the suspense/thriller novel Dirt Bag

LaSasha Flame – Author of Paranormal Fantasy and Dark Romance novels, including The Torrid Tales series, The Breaking of All The Rules series, and The Dark Immortal Flame series

Mainak Dhar – The Amazon Bestselling Author of the YA Fantasy Alice In Deadland series, as well as the thriller novels 03:02 and Sniper’s Eye, among many other stories.

Nathan Colston – Author of the fantasy series The Sheamalight Existence, and the erotic romance series Dancers Curse of Love (VIDEO interview)

Nia FarrellAward-Winning Author erotica novels, including Rules of Engagement. (Nia has also written historical romance, poetry, music and a documentary, among other genres.)

Rebecca Henry – Author of A Very Vegan Christmas (on top of this cookbook, Rebecca has also written the Amazon no.1 bestseller A Very Vegan Halloween, plus fantasy and thriller novels)

Richa S Mukherjee – Author of the crime-thriller Kanpur Koofiya PVT Ltd (which will get a screen adaptation), and the comedy about pregnancy I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting

Rima Jbara – Author of Let Me Have My Say (Award-Winning Arab Author, who has written novels in the romance, erotica and suspense genres, as well as on mental health)

Short Story Authors

Shashwath Sanil – Author of Love Shorts


Kawtar Elmarabti – Author of Thoughts Alight

Naomi Wilson – Author of Love, Loss And Relationships

Priyanka Bhatt – Author of Minuscules

Samina Mushtaq Khan – Author of Obsessed With The Dawns

Shee – Author of If You Cannot Find Her

Life Coaches

Maleeha Bertin – Life coach, mentor and YouTuber and Author of The Girl Who Loved Herself and 101+ Ways To Transform Yourself (VIDEO)

Melissa Smith – Educator, Entrepreneur and Certified Life Coach

Pamela Hardy-Shepard – Life Coach, Professor and Author of What She Didn’t Tell You (VIDEO)

Writing Coaches

Dawn Leas (aka The Hammock Writer) – Writing Coach, Consultant and Teacher, plus the Author of I Know When To Keep Quiet and Take Something When You Go (VIDEO)

Ross Hartman (aka KiingoCreative) (VIDEO)

YouTube Sensations

Antoine Bandele – YouTube sensation & the Amazon Bestselling (Fantasy) Author of Tales of Esowan, Sky Pirate Chronicles, TJ Young & The Orishas

Instagram Sensations

@bonfire_stories – popular writer of micro fantasy stories


Andrew Bluett – Writer, Video Content Creator & YouTuber of the ‘machinima’ web-series, Reel Life (VIDEO)

Eddie Guzman – Film Producer, Mental Health Advocate & The CEO of Lend An Ear Productions (VIDEO)

Keiko (of MLA Entertainment) – Voice Actor & Writer-Director of the original web-series, Project Infinity (VIDEO)

Kenneth MaderAward-Winning Film Director of Displacement and Author of the paranormal sci-fi novel, Afterlife (VIDEO interview)

Lily Thaisz – Actor & Producer, who featured in HBO’s McMillions; had a supporting role in Frank & Us; and wrote, produced and starred in The Sex Talk (VIDEO)

Thomas J Yagodinski – a filmmaker and animator, whose videos have accrued over 10 million views (VIDEO)


Mike Dell – Actor & Professional Wrestler (starred in the films, Elite, Inhumanity and The Suplex Duplex Complex, among other titles) (VIDEO)

Paige Steakley – Actress, who has a starring role in Butchers Bluff, Sacred Mask and Skulk (VIDEO)

Ronald Mercado – A former US Soldier, and now an Actor and a ‘jack of all trades’ of filmmaking, who has starred in Remy’s Demons and Baby Nick, among other productions (VIDEO)

Voice Actors

Jenna Birmingham – Voice Actor & Commercial Producer for commercials, animation, podcast intros and DJ drops, plus she gives voice to the villain in Keiko’s/MLA Entertainment’s Project infinity (VIDEO)

John Wallace – Voice Actor & Award-Winning Commercial Producer, who has voiced for top brands, including Geico and Old Navy, as well as for the New York Mets (VIDEO)

Kevin Cutliffe – Voice Actor with a starring role in Keiko’s/MLA Entertainment’s original web-series, Project Infinity (VIDEO)

Tom Aglio – Voice Actor for commercials, animation and has the lead role (Gun Lambton) in Keiko’s/MLA Entertainment’s original web-series, Project Infinity (VIDEO)


Jaelynn Blount – Swimwear, Chic, Sports and Bridal Model & US Soccer Player (and a sexual assault survivor advocate as well) (VIDEO)

Jay James – Beard & Tattoo Model, and Brand Ambassador for Sweyn Forkbeard and the British Beard Club, among others.

Lisa Dell – Model, Actor, Filmmaker and Radio Host of 2nd Chance, due out in 2021 (VIDEO)

Raven D’Nai Diamond – Model, as well as an award-nominated singer, an actor, a filmmaker, and an author, who has written stories in Six Feet From Tomorrow and Eyal And The Unusual day (VIDEO)


Vanessa Garland – Mapmaker and the author of Howl

Music Composers

Erran Baron CohenAward-Winning Music Composer of Borat, Bruno and The Dictator (VIDEO)

Saeyd Shahagil – Freelance music composer and YouTuber

Entrepreneurs & CEOs

Adam Ortiz – CEO of Livestream Media Network (VIDEO)

Daniel Gomez – An Award-Winning Keynote, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Confidence Coach, Business Strategist, President of Daniel Gomez Enterprises, International Bestselling Author, and the Host of the Daniel Gomez Inspires Podcast (VIDEO)

Jordana Mark – Social Media Expert, Entrepreneur & the CEO of Make Your Mark, a digital marketing agency (VIDEO)

Philip Nelson – CEO of Nelco Media, a live-streaming and broadcasting company that counts MTV, the NBA and the NFL among its clients (VIDEO)

Regeline ‘Gigi’ Sabbat – The CEO of Life Service Center of America, a Life Coach, a Motivational Speaker, the Bestselling Author of GOD FIRST and Walk With Me, the host of the Walk With Me podcast, and a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor advocate (VIDEO)

Roberta Nicole – The Digital CEO, a Digital Business Strategist, and the Author of Clubhouse Content Playbook

Radio Broadcasters & Podcasters

Lucy Salem – A Radio Broadcaster, formerly of Bauer Media and BBC Radio 5 Live (VIDEO)