Interviews With Authors

After reading a book, I greatly enjoy finding out about the person who wrote the book. So, what better way to find out more about an author than by asking them questions and sharing their answers? In short, using my blog as a platform to have interviews with authors.

Below is a list of the interviews I’ve done, separated by their respective genres:


Astrid V J – Author of The Sibling’s Tale series

Danielle L Jensen – USA Today best-selling author of The Malediction Trilogy

Iris McKairin – Author of Destiny’s Champion

James Hudson – Author of The Sentient Being Chronicles

Kara S Weaver – Author of Crown of Conspiracy

Mainak Dhar – Amazon best-selling author of the Alice In Deadland series, 03:02 and Sniper’s Eye, among many other novels

NM Thorn – Author of The Fire Salamander Chronicles

Zion Blue – Author of Sorrow Patch

Paranormal Fantasy

Delizhia Jenkins – Author of The Vampire Hunters Academy series, among others


Denise N Wheatley – Author of The Road To Bliss, Shadow Of A Man and Wards Of The Women, among others

Lyndsey Gallagher – Author of The Seven Year Itch

ML Broome – Author of A Series of Moments series

Pearl Khatri – Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Women’s Contemporary Romance Author of Those Chance Encounters

Shanjida Nusrath Ali – Author of The Dark Love series

SJ Sylvis – Author of Truth

TL Clark – Author of Love Bites

Action Romance

Skylar Kingsley – Author of Captured, Volume I of The Orion Protection Series

Science Fiction

Hannah Ross – Author of Quest of the Messenger and Frozen World series

Children’s Novels

Kimberley B Jones – Author of Our Friendship Matters

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