Interview With The NYT Bestselling Author Tijan

Today, we have the absolute privilege of an interview with the NYT bestselling author Tijan, who has a new novel coming out next month, called Enemies. Recently, I reached out to Tijan on Instagram and she kindly agreed to an interview.

Where do you come from and has your city/town/village appeared in your writings so far?

I come from north Minnesota. As of right now, I’ve not had my town appear in my any of my books.

You are a prolific writer! You have written more books than I can count. Do you set targets for yourself, words-wise every day? On average, how many words do you write a day? 

interview with the nyt bestselling author tijan - some of her many books.
Just some of the extraordinary number of novels that the New York Times bestselling author Tijan has written across a variety of different genres.

Thank you, I appreciate that. But, no, I don’t set targets for myself. Usually, I have a deadline in mind and then write as much as I can until I meet that deadline.

However, if I’m not writing for a few days in a row, I will try to get at least 3k words done a day. But I also rest! If I write a bunch, I need to put in some days so that my mind can re-energize. I don’t really have an average, but when I’m on deadline maybe 3-5k a day.

This blogger: 3,000 – 5,000 words a day!? That is astonishing! No wonder you need to take a break for a few days after writing so much. I feel that way after writing a tenth of that lol.

You have written in several different genres, including the romance, paranormal and contemporary adult genre. Which of these genres do you feel the most passion for? Moreover, do you feel there is much crossover within these genres? 

I usually write what I’m feeling! I love all of them. Indeed, I like to write in each of the genres when that particular book is speaking to me. I’m sure there’s a crossover, but there are always things that separate them, so they are in separate genres.

The Carter Reed, The Fallen Crest, The Broken and Screwed series were all bestselling series. Why do you think they were so popular?

Oh boy! I have no clue. Hmm… I think there is a hunger for edgy books. At the time I wrote the Carter and Fallen Crest books, I put that edge in there. I came from reading online at Fictionpress and Wattpad, and those books have that edge in them so I just wrote what I was reading.

The Broken and Screwed books grew more as the years went by. I think a different, deeper vibe was in them and took root with my reader base, to be honest.

This blogger: That is very honest of you, thanks. That edge is definitely a catch, at any stage of your authorship. That your readership has stuck by you and grown even as you have given them something different (and deeper) shows that they trust you; they trust that you will give them a great book, regardless of the genre, which is a fantastic indicator of your talent as a writer.

Take The Carter Reed series. What message did you want people to take away from those books and do you think you achieved it, based upon what you’ve read and heard?

To be honest, I don’t think I had a message I wanted readers to take away from the Carter Reed books. I just wrote a book about a girl who needed saving or help, and a hot badass guy who could come in and do it! Mix in some chemistry and yeah, I think I wrote a book that I would’ve wanted to read. And I think readers appreciated it. Or at least I hoped they did. 

This blogger: (*Smiles broadly*.) They sure did. It was a bestseller and the kind of story a lot of people love to read. I have every faith that your readers took home a positive message from the book, and went away smiling when they finished it.

Tell us a little about your latest novel, Enemies. What was the spark that made you write it?

I don’t remember the spark. I believe I just had this concept where a boy and a girl were neighbors. The boy grew up in the limelight, while her life withered and there was some resentment there.

The idea for the story just came to me one day; enough where I even wrote a whole scene that’s been on my website since last year. I also wanted to write a book about a player in the NFL, but mix it in with a new adult book where the girl is in college.

interview with the nyt bestselling author tijan and the synopsis for her book, Enemies

Which of the characters in any of your novels is the most like you? And why?

There’s no one character that is all me, but also there’s no one character that doesn’t have a part of me. I think a part of me is in every single character I write. If that makes sense? Some are super tiny parts of me, and some are more bigger parts, but there’s no one character this IS me!

This blogger: (*Chuckles*.) Yes, that makes complete sense. If I am allowed to say, that is exactly how I have created my characters in my (unpublished) novel. All of my characters have some of me in them, but I cannot point to any single character say that one is me either.

Have any of the characters in your stories been influenced by historical or fictional (including movie) figures?

Nope! I tend to use my imagination. I’m not inspired by historical or movie figures for my writing.

If you could give your younger self some advice about the writing process, what would it be?

Write earlier than you did! I thought about writing in my first year in college, and that idea got shot down and actually laughed at by others. I listened to them. I wish I hadn’t; although I know my writing journey would’ve been very different if I had done that.

This blogger: That is very good advice. I am sorry to hear that you got laughed at. That’s not nice at all. But I am glad that you also stopped listening to those that laughed at you, as you have become a star. Who’s laughing now I wonder? (*Smiles with raised brows*.)

What time do you usually start writing and what do you find the hardest part about the writing process?

It always depends on the book. Some days I write best in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some books I can only write at night. I really listen to when my creativity is speaking to me and I go from there. 

How has writing changed you?

Oh, I’m not sure to be honest. It’s changed my way of life, but I don’t know how it’s changed me as a person. I’m able to write almost whenever I want, and I have the freedom to write at home, in a hotel, in a coffee shop, or other places. That’s a blessing, honestly.

But me as a person… maybe writing and just getting connected to the writing world has made me more connected to the world about issues that are happening everywhere. The world is truly a very small place. I don’t know if I would have that appreciation if I weren’t a writer.

This blogger: It seems like writing has changed you. You sound very appreciative of what you have, and of what is going on in the world. No doubt, it has made you wiser as well.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Rest! I try to do things that’ll turn my brain off. So, either I read, watch television, spend time with family and friends, or just cuddle up with my pup.

End of Interview

Thus ends our fascinating Interview with the NYT bestselling author Tijan. I would like to thank her for her time, and to say that it has been wonderful getting to know her. I wish her all the best with her future writings, pup, and many other interesting ventures.

You can purchase any of Tijan’s romance, paranormal and new adult novels on Amazon, including the Carter Reed and Fallen Crest novels. Check them out as there is so much to enjoy about them, and in all of his stories, to be honest.  

In addition, like Tijan on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, and check out her website to stay up-to-date i.e. for when her new book, Enemies, will be released in December.

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