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Paul’s Fantasy Writings has the privilege of an interview with the Instagram sensation @bonfire_stories (real name MN Frette). I am a huge fan of MN Frette’s fantasy posts. Recently, I got in touch with him and, fortunately for us, he agreed to an interview.

What made you come up with idea to start an Instagram account and write short fantastical stories on this platform?

I was looking for new ways to tell stories. First, I had an account on Facebook, but later I decided Instagram was better. Initially, I thought I was crazy (in fact, for quite some time no one would read what I put up). But then people started liking my stories, and now we’re a big, awesome community.

This blogger: Oh, how interesting. I would have thought that Facebook would have been the better platform to tell stories as Instagram is more about visuals. It just goes to show that stories can be told successfully in many different mediums. You have proven that.

Do you ever draw the exquisite pieces of artwork that you always post with your stories? If not, who draws them? This person is (or these people are) incredibly talented.

I don’t, no. I’m actually terrible at drawing lol. I just have the help of a lot of awesome artists.

An example of the art that is described in the interview with the instagram sensation @bonfire_stories.
An example of the phenomenal artwork that @bonfire_stories posts on his Instragram account that goes with his fantasy stories.

What do you think your success on Instagram is down to?

I think people love stories. I’m not very successful, though. I just love to tell stories, and I think everyone loves a nice story!

This blogger: First, I would like to say that you are very humble. If I had over 53,000 followers on Instagram, I would be very happy with that and would consider it a success. Second, I think you are right about telling stories because people do love to hear a good story. Dare I say it, I think your stories are always succinct and enjoyable, which makes them worth waiting for.

Do you intend to take your writing further? Would you like to write a novel or a screenplay one day?

I’m actually writing a novel at the moment. It’s my own fantasy world. The theme is still a secret as I want it to be a surprise. (*Smiles wryly*.)

In two of my blog pieces, I discuss how to target your audience. Who is your target audience, and why have you chosen this audience?

This amazing and emotive artwork is ripe for the types of fantasy stories that @bonfire_stories writes.

Actually, I didn’t choose my audience. I’m pretty disorganized and don’t usually plan things at all, haha. When I started this, it was more of a crazy project, so I didn’t put too much time preparing it; nor did I think about targeting an audience. I just put up pictures and stories, and took it from there.

This blogger: (*Chuckles*.) I need to learn a thing or two from you, it seems. I am more of the planner by nature, and I try to be as meticulous as possible. Maybe I would be more successful if I just went on instinct and didn’t prepare as much lol.

In all of your stories, which character is the most like you? And why?

Oh, that’s Oman, from the story of the spirit at the deep of the sea. (The image is more like a sea dragon.) And I love that character because he has a great heart and never surrenders. It sounds cliché now, but I love it.

If you could give your younger self some advice about the writing process, what would it be?

Write more, boy.

This blogger: (*Laughs hard.*) Honestly, that should be a meme. It is that amusing and truthful at the same time.

Advice during the interview with the Instagram sensation @bonfire_stories
Succinct but brilliant advice. The more writers write, the more they can put out, the more they can achieve, and – just as crucially – the more they can learn from their own mistakes. So follow the advice of @bonfire_stories.

What is the part about writing that has surprised you most?

Discovering that the character leads your narrative.

How has writing changed you?

Not much really. I’m still the same useless boy who is very bad at school (*smiles*).

This blogger: You don’t sound useless to me, MN Frette. On the contrary, I think you have a great spirit. You are willing to try and you have a fabulous imagination. In fact, I think you are going to go very far.

What is your favourite (most inspiring) quote and how has that influenced you in your writing and/or Instagram success?

“Amateurs wait for inspiration. Professionals start to write.” It’s from Stephen King. It helps me to write when I don’t feel like doing so.

What do you like to do when you are not writing or putting up posts on Instagram?

I like to play videogames, read, and watch videos on YouTube. But lately I don’t have much time for this because I’m studying for my final exams and working as freelancer. Oh, also, I love listening to music. I just listen and imagine things.

This blogger: You sound like an intelligent and thoughtful person. I hope you take something and learn from all that you read and see. Then, your novel is going to be absolutely fantastic. Keep it up!

The man behind @bonfire_stories – MN Frette. This great and humble guy has a vivid imagination and a lovely writing style.

End of Interview

This brings an end to our interview with the Instagram sensation @bonfire_stories. I would like to thank MN Frette for his time and to say that it has been great getting to know him. I wish him all the best in his future writings and other numerous ventures.

You can keep up to date with MN Frette by following him on Instagram. I promise that the pictures he posts are gorgeous, and that his stories are wonderful to read. What’s more, we all look forward to one day reading his novel. It may be a secret for now, but one day we will all know it.

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