Interview With Music Composer Saeyd Shahagil

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with music composer Saeyd Shahagil. Saeyd composes beautiful symphonies, often (but not exclusively) based on Celtic/Irish songs. His works are under the album Dreams & Serenity, and his music will take you to that inner peace.

Recently, I got in touch with Saeyd via YouTube, and he kindly agreed to an interview:

Where do you come from and how has this place influenced your music?

I was born and raised in Singapore, but my ancestors were from Indonesia, China and the Middle East. Singapore is a country that’s hard to see it on the world map. In the 13th – 14th centuries, it was known as Temasek, meaning ‘sea town,’ and the ‘Lion City,’ founded by the Prince of Palembang of Indonesia, ‘Sang Nila Utama’ in the same era. The modern founding of Singapore in 1819 was by Sir Stamford Raffles of the British Empire.

Singapore influenced my music as it has a lot of deep cultures and deep roots, especially when it comes to folklores, myths and legends. That’s where I get my inspiration from.

This blogger: You come across as very knowledgeable and respectful of other cultures, histories and stories. It is wonder that your music is varied and rich. It is a reflection of your character, Saeyd.

You are an independent freelance musician with a studio in your own home. What was the spark that made you decide to start writing your own music and doing freelance music writing?

It was really unexpected to be honest! haha! I didn’t have the intention of creating this project until when I started performing Secret Garden’s music in my music school. That was when I was studying classical music in high school.

I also come from a musical family. It’s in the blood, I guess. Moreover, I wanted to do something different when it comes to music, especially in a country that’s not highly recognised for the kind of music I write.

Your speciality is piano instrumentals. What three things attract you to the piano over other instruments?

interview with music composer Saeyd Shahagil - the piano
The piano is Saeyd’s most prominent instrument and his understanding of how to wield it is quite extraordinary

Firstly, I have always been amazed by how the piano was designed and created. Secondly, when the hammer hits the strings, it produces such beautiful sounds. I fell in love with the piano as a result.

Lastly, the piano has the advantage of enabling you to learn the structure of music knowledge. After you know how to play the piano, it might be easier to learn other instruments as well.

This blogger: I did not know that. That’s a brilliant understanding of the piano, and how it can form the foundation for anyone wanting to learn the structure of music.

You create beautiful instrumentals with particular emphasis on variations of Celtic/Irish songs. Why have you chosen this unique style of music?

Actually, I don’t have a strong connection or emphasis with Celtic/Irish music. I only started listening to this kind of music when I was a teenager and just as a listener and, overall, it doesn’t reflect much of my music.

Instead, some people when they listen or watch my videos/songs, they describe them as New Age, Neo-Classical, Instrumental or World. But I just put it as ‘Saeyd’s Music’ (*Chuckles*.)

Would you ever consider writing other kinds of music? If so, what types of music would they be?

Of course! That would be Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soft Rock and soundtracks.

This blogger: That is quite a range! You are extremely talented.

What two things would you like people to take away from your music after listening to it?

You see music really evokes many emotions and feelings through every listener’s heart and soul. It really depends. But all I want is to give is ‘Dreams & Serenity’ to them.

This blogger: That, you most certainly do. When I want to relax, I invariably play one of your instrumentals.

If you could go back in time and speak with your younger self, what advice would you give him about the process of writing music?

I would tell him to just keep on creating and don’t ever stop writing songs. And get more traditional instruments for sure. It’s the passion!

interview with music composer Saeyd Shahagil - saeyd' advice

In your opinion, what is the hardest part of writing music?

I’m a perfectionist very much like “Enya” herself. A story comes with every song she writes and/or composes. I think there must be a strong connection to a story when it comes to song writing.

The sound must be good, the instrumentation must be good, and the arrangement must be good. So, those are the hardest parts of it. Get that right and then you can interact better with your audience. I think that’s important.

This blogger: I think you are absolutely right, and this explains why your audience connects so deeply with your music.

What is your music-writing kryptonite?

Finding the right instruments can be tricky. Also, my brain changes with ideas and sometimes I get headaches and such. Haha!

How has writing music changed you as a person?

Music has changed me a lot in person. It taught me how to appreciate life, to be positive and happy. So, I’m thankful for that. Not only that, it has also given my life meaning too.

This blogger: That’s wonderful. You and your music certainly add value to this world. Thank you, and I am happy to hear that creating such lovely music has made you more positive and happy as well.

Outside of writing music and freelancing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Wow, that’s quite a lot actually! Other than my piano project, I’m also a fitness enthusiast. I do weights training in the gym five times-a-week and i do Wushu (Martial Arts) as my sports activity.

In addition, I draw or sketch manga characters, like from anime and video games; it’s a hobby of mine as well. I’m also a PlayStation gamer and a Role-Playing game fan here!

This blogger: It sound like you have an active and enjoyable life. It is no wonder you are so positive! Keep it up!

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say that you haven’t already in this interview?

Lastly, I want to say that we must always remind ourselves that sometimes life can be tough and hectic. We need to close our mind and recharge our body once in a while, and music can help. It’s a balm for the soul.

Moreover, enjoy what you love most. Chase your goal and dreams, don’t look back and move forward!

End of Interview

The music composer, himself – Saeyd Shahagil.

And that brings our interview with music composer Saeyd Shahagil to an end. I would like to thank Saeyd for his time, and to say that I wish him only success and happiness going forwards in all of his endeavours.

Saeyd’s music is beautiful and soothing. You can find his music on YouTube, and I strongly recommend giving his songs a listen to. He labels himself as ‘Dreams & Serenity,’ and you will find that place, that peace, listening to his instrumentals.

Otherwise, like Saeyd on Facebook, follow him on Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. That way, you can keep up to date with him and know exactly when his next piece of music is out.

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