Interview With Award-Winning Music Composer Erran Baron Cohen

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with award-winning music composer Erran Baron Cohen. Erran is Sacha Baron Cohen’s brother. Erran’s work has encompassed musical theatre, album releases, TV series and films. He wrote the music scores for Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator, among other titles.

Here is the interview. Enjoy!

End of Interview

interview with award-winning music composer erran baron cohen - with his trumpet
Erran Baron Cohen, proudly holding the trumpet – one of the two instruments that he plays extremely well.

Alas, that brings our interview with award-winning music composer Erran Baron Cohen to a close. I would like to thank Erran for this time, and to say that it has been wonderful getting to know him better. I wish him all the best for his upcoming film project, which he’s writing the music for, as well as to his family. Plus, I hope he gets the projects he desires in the future, and that he continues to enjoy his fine wines and whiskey.

Check out Erran’s music on his website and also on Amazon, where you can view his Hannukah album. (Officially, it is titled Erran Baron Cohen Presents: Songs In The Key Of Hanukkah.)

What’s more, when you next watch Talhot Blond, Bruno, Borat, The Dictator, Contract, The Infidel, and The Brothers Grimsby, listen to the music and that know it was this great guy who wrote the music scores.

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