Interview With Award-Winning Author Tyffany Hackett

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with award-winning author Tyffany Hackett. Tyffany is a YA and Urban fantasy author, who has written The Thatanos Trilogy and The Genesis Crystal Saga. Recently, I got in touch with Tyffany and she kindly agreed to an interview.


Where do you come from and how has this place influenced your writings?

I grew up between North Carolina and New York, but I live in New York now! (Not the city, ha!) I don’t know if location has influenced my writing so much as experience, and I’ve definitely had plenty of those.

But that said, New York has some seriously beautiful hiking trails. And there are random places in nature too that are gorgeous and inspiring. I love to take pictures and save them for inspiration later.

Your books are in the YA Fantasy and Urban Fantasy genres. What are two major differences between these subgenres?

Honestly, I think the biggest difference is simply in the world itself. Urban Fantasy requires so much less work! (Not to say it doesn’t require work, because it absolutely does.) But there’s pre-constructed elements to the world, and they’re a bit more modernized. And you don’t have to monitor your dialogue as carefully for slang or newer slang.

This blogger: I had not considered those to be the difference between YA and Urban fantasy. Thank you for enlightening me.

interview with award-winning author Tyffany Hackett - synopsis to her new book

Your YA Fantasy series is called The Thanatos Trilogy. Who or what is Thanatos, and how did you come up with this cool name?

In my trilogy, Thanatos is a Titan, with powers that can best be described as the power of plague, haha! He’s deadly and can kill a large number of people very quickly. But the name itself is actually from Greek mythology. Thanatos was known as the god of death.

What three things inspired you to write the trilogy?

When I was younger, I read more horror than anything else, but I always inhaled books like water. Somewhere around the age of 14, I found two series that truly changed my life: The Lord of the Rings and The Unicorns of Balinor. Reading them planted this idea in my head, and even though I had written stories before none gripped me like that one did. I wrote the full manuscript by the time I was 15. But . . . life happened and it got pushed aside. Somewhere in 2016 or 2017, I read the Shadowhunters books and remembered how much I wanted to write. I revisited that old manuscript. And voila–the trilogy was born!

This got long-winded, sorry. In short, the three things that inspired The Thanatos Trilogy were: The Lord of the Rings, The Unicorns of Balinor and Shadowhunters.

This blogger: That’s all right. Your story about how you came to write The Thanatos Trilogy is very interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Who is the target audience for your trilogy?

Anyone 14/15 and up. Anyone who loves found family, or wants a main character who is strong despite her panic attacks and anxiety. Anyone who loves sweet romance and having their heart torn out.

This blogger: (*Chuckles*.) Honestly, your story sounds brilliant!

Is there a moral to The Thanatos Trilogy?

I like to think there’s a few, to be honest. Family isn’t always blood. It’s okay to accept help. Perseverance pays off. Hope can be found as long as one person believes. Scars aren’t something to be ashamed of, even the ones you can’t see.

As you progressed with the trilogy, did you find that the writing process got harder or easier?

Both? Ha! I know that’s a terrible answer. The more I write the easier I find the actual writing to be. I pick up on mistakes and plot holes faster.

I do think writing sequels is so much harder than writing a first book. You kind of set the stage in the first part but it HAS to be consistent in the later installments and I think that can be really stressful.

This blogger: I think you are absolutely right. Currently, I am coming across this issue with the sequel to my fantasy novella, The Sultan’s Daughter.

If you could go back in time and speak with a younger Tyffany Hackett, what advice would you give her about the writing process?

Don’t stop reading. It’s so important. I took a “break” from reading for a while when life was a bit tougher and I can only imagine how much stronger I would be at my craft if I hadn’t. Reading is SO important to writing.

What is your writing kryptonite?

Pinterest! LOL! I use Pinterest to create storyboards and face cast my characters, but I have to realize before I start that I will likely lose hours on that site or app. It’s seriously a time sink and I’ll lose a whole writing day on it if given the chance.

This blogger: Pinterest? That’s a new one lol! I didn’t realise the platform was so addictive.

How has writing changed you as a person?

Writing has always been a really big coping mechanism for me. It’s always been an escape, and as someone who has been pretty anxious for as long as I can remember, that grounding has always been a great fallback. I really think it helped me keep my sanity and become a more level and focused person.

But truly, I’ve been writing for so long even on a small scale, I can’t imagine life without it.

You are on the verge of publishing your third this year. That is absolutely astonishing! What is your secret to writing so efficiently?

I capitalize heavily on my free time. I’m a toddler mom, so my priority is always him, but when I have a free second I try to write or do something writing related. (I count reading in this time, because reading recharges the writing spirit :3 ) There will be days and weeks where I literally do nothing else but work in my spare moments, which by the way is not the healthiest way to do things.

But I’ve never wanted anything so bad, and I’m willing to put in the work for it. But, going forward, I don’t know if I would do three releases so close again. Three book releases in five months is a lot, lol!

This blogger: Yes, it is! I feel your dedication, desire and hunger for your craft. It is fantastic and energizing. However many books you publish in the future, never lose that desire, please.

Lastly, outside of writing, what do you like to do?

I’m an avid gamer. And since the free time I have is precious, when I do get a down moment, I’m usually glued to my Xbox.

I do enjoy hiking a lot too, though, and I can be pretty crafty. And honestly, I really really love the Bookstagram platform even if I eternally wish I had more time to spend on it. xD

Thanks so much! This was fun! 😀

End of Interview

interview with award-winning author tyffany Hackett - her new book
Fall of Night, Tyffany’s new book comes out on 29th September 2020. Check it out NOW!

And that brings our interview with award-winning author Tyffany Hackett to a close. I would like to thank Tyffany for her time as it has been wonderful getting to know her. And I would like to wish her all the best with her upcoming release, her gaming, her family and her love of Pinterest.

You can purchase Tyffany’s books on Amazon, including The Thanatos Trilogy and The Genesis Crystal Saga. Plus, Fall of Night is coming out on 29th September 2020, so check out her books NOW!

Otherwise, like Tyffany on Facebook, follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, and visit her website. That way, you can keep up to date with Tyffany for her future writings.

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