Interview With Author Zion Blue

Today, this blog has the privilege of an interview with author Zion Blue. Sorrow Patch is his terrific debut fantasy novel, which I have had the pleasure of reading.

Recently, I got in touch with Zion Blue and asked him the following questions:

Where do you come from and has that place influenced the setting for Sorrow Patch?

I come from the city of Liverpool in England and have lived there all my life. For better or for worse, it hasn’t had any bearing on my writing (as yet).

Where did you get the idea to write Sorrow Patch?

I got the idea of Sorrow Patch based on a medieval documentary and films I’ve seen. I based the characters on what I feel life would have been like growing up during those times, and the challenges they would have faced. Also, I love nature and forests, etc… so wanted to fit this into my story.

This blogger: I can tell you, Zion – you did all of this very successfully and in a way that makes the story very enjoyable.

In one of my blog pieces, I have written that there are two reasons why people decide to write a book. The ‘spark’ and the ‘push (of motivation).’ What was this spark and push for you i.e. what made you decide: I have to write Sorrow Patch?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. My spark was that it just felt the right time to start writing, and my motivation was to see if readers would enjoy my story.

This blogger: Judging by all the excellent reviews you are receiving on Amazon, readers most certainly are enjoying Sorrow Patch and I am sure they will enjoy your future writings as well.

Which of your characters is most like you?

I wouldn’t say any are like me. But I would most likely relate to the protagonist, Patch, by overcoming adversity and developing as a person because of it.

This is the synopsis of Sorrow Patch, as part of the interview with Author Zion Blue

Are any your characters either based on real people or influenced by historical or fictional figures?

The Sorrow Man is loosely related to a vampire; although, he doesn’t share all the stereotypical traits of Vampires, and he has much more to him than a typical Hollywood Vampire. Additionally, King Lucent is based on tyrant kings throughout history.

This blogger: (Laughs) Yes, there are no shortage of those in history.

If you could give your younger self some advice about the writing process, what would it be?

Hmm… that’s a hard one. I would say – try not to be perfect with your writing as it’s a continual process. Moreover, don’t fear writing as it’s a great way to express yourself and to write about a topic that interests you. Oh, and always use an editor.

This blogger: Good advice, Zion. I like it a lot. My younger self could’ve done with this advice many years ago.

What is your writing Kryptonite?

Distractions, pure and simple. I have a son aged 4 and it’s hard to find the time to write. Not having enough time to write due to other commitments bothers me.

How has writing changed you?

It makes me question everything more. Why do I hold certain views? What do my characters think like? what motivates them? Will my readers understand my story? I could go on forever. The list endless on this one.

This blogger: I completely agree. Writing really does make you question everything, down to your essence.

Does writing energise or exhaust you?

Writing is hard work, no question. But it’s also very enjoyable. It allows you to escape into your own reality and create a new one. You get to make the rules and decisions in your fictional world.

Zion Blue’s wise words/advice for his younger self and writers in general.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love nature forests, lakes, oceans, etc… My dream is to be one with nature and embrace it whenever I can. Spending time with nature makes me feel better and think clearer.

End Of Interview

Well that concludes our interview with author Zion Blue and I would like to thank him for his time. It has been wonderful getting to know him and I wish him all the best going forward with his future writings, his family and his other ventures.

His debut fantasy novel, Sorrow Patch, is available to buy at Amazon and I thoroughly recommend it. Like and follow him on his Facebook page as well.

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