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Today, we have the honour of having an interview with author TL Clark, writer of paranormal and steamy romance; in particular, the award-winning Love Bites. Recently, I contacted TL Clark and she kindly answered the following questions:

Where do you live and do the place(s) you’ve lived in appear your writings?

I live in the south of England. My books are usually set in the UK, but not where I’ve ever lived, oddly.

You have now published 9 books, which is a fantastic achievement. Do you still enjoy writing (and publishing) as much now as you did when you first started?

Yes, more so, as I’m more confident now. I’m more familiar with the process. Writing is as essential for me as breathing these days.

This blogger: (*smiles*.) I know exactly what you mean.

Where did you get the idea for your latest novel, Regency Love?

My books come to me in that place between sleep and awake. But this one was also inspired by my heroines: Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. The first and last scenes were actually written on a course at the Jane Austen House Museum (where Jane lived).

I recently posted a quote on Instagram, based on a Pride & Prejudice quote – “This book has been coming on so gradually. But I must date the origin to first seeing Mr Darcy fresh from his pond at Pemberley” – back when I watched Colin Firth in 1995!

This blogger: That is a wonderful backstory to your novels. I can only imagine that you liked Jane Austen even more after gaining inspiration in Chawton House (*winks*). 

In one of my blog pieces, I discuss choosing the right POV for your novel. Which POV have you written your novels in? And why?

It depends on the book. Most are written in the third person omniscient. However, Self Love and Regency Love are written in the first person. This is because those books needed to get inside the head of the heroines to really hear their thoughts.

Your novels are in the paranormal romance genre. What drew you to this genre?

I have the Darkness And Light Duology, which starts with Love Bites – this is my award-winner.

Shh, not only am I a holistic therapist, but I’m also a witch. It’s OK, I’m a ‘good’ one; my interests lie in the healing power of herbs; a hedge witch. So, a lot of my applied knowledge went into forming my unique species, the elinefae. They’re ‘the truth behind the myth’ kind of vampire, and they don’t sparkle.

This blogger: They sound very interesting. Oh, and it’s good to know that you are one of the ‘good witches.’ I wouldn’t want to come across you if you were a bad one lol.

Have any of your characters been influenced by historical or fictional (including movie) figures? Or are they based more on people you know?

Now, that would be telling ��. I may have sought vengeance on some who have been horrid to me (*coughs*). My heroines all seem to be independent to the point of pig-headedness; no idea where they get that from (*looks around the room awkwardly*).

This blogger: (*laughs*.) I cannot imagine where your characters would get some of their traits from… As for your vengeance, it’s best that you do that in your novels. Revenge is an excellent plot device and has better outcomes than when it’s done in the real world.

If you could give your younger self some advice about the writing process, what would it be?

Look, there’s going to be moments of crippling self-doubt. It’s normal. You’ll get through it if you keep on keeping on. Make sure you have chocolate and wine on standby.

This blogger: Your advice is spot on. No wonder you are such a good therapist by profession. And chocolate and wine always work to get the creative juices flowing.

Interview with author tl clark and the  advice she gave for writers.

When you plan your novel, do you plan it in detail? Or do you give yourself a rough outline and let the characters take you where they want?

Planning? Planning? No, sorry, not with you. What’s that? �� I’m a pantser. I have a vague notion of maybe an opening scene, or the last. I just sit down and see what drips from my fingers. That’s why it’s a first draft, and what editing is for.

How has writing changed you?

Hmm… it may not be for the better tbh. I’ve become more reclusive. As an empath, crowds have always been a challenge, but even more so now I’m not constantly exposed to People.

This blogger: This is the first time an interviewee has said that writing has not necessarily changed him/her for the better. Thank you for your honesty.

Have your family and friends read any of your books? If so, what do they think of them and how do you feel when they talk about them with you?

Yes. The funniest is probably my aunty-in-law, who seems very prim and proper. She read my raunchiest one, and apparently had to ask her son what some of it meant.

This blogger: (*Eyes widen*.) Seriously?

TL Clark: Oh yes, I was so embarrassed at first. But every time she sees me now, she asks, “Are you still writing porn?” It’s all in good humour though, and she’s ordered a paperback of Regency Love. No, it’s not porn in case you were wondering – It’s just steamy romance.

What’s the best writing advice someone has given you?

Just do it. It’s as easy and as difficult as that.

This blogger: Yeah, that’s pretty good advice. And very truthful and witty as well.

What do you like to do outside of writing?

Interview with author tl clark and her profile pic
The fabulous TL Clark

There’s something other than writing?? I’m either writing or thinking about writing these days. But I do try to chill out by watching films with my hubby. And I spend time with my stepchildren regularly.

If I had more time/money, I’d be horse riding a lot too. Actually, my dream/goal is to run a farmhouse retreat with rescued horses. I want to help frazzled humans.

End of Interview

That is the end of our interview with author TL Clark. I would like to thank her for her time, and to say that it has been wonderful speaking with her. I wish her all the best with future writings, family, and other ventures.

TL Clark has written many terrific paranormal romance and steamy romance novels, and they can all be purchased at Amazon or Books2Read. Honestly, go and read them. They live up to their hype!

Otherwise, like TL Clark on Facebook, tweet her on Twitter, follow her on Instagram, and check out her blog and her YouTube video. That way, you can keep up with her and what brilliant books she has coming out soon.

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