Interview With Author Samina Mushtaq Khan

Today, we have the privilege of an interview with author Samina Mushtaq Khan. Samina recently released Obsessed With The Dawns, her debut poetry book, and subsequently agreed to an interview with Paul’s Fantasy Writings.

Where do you come from and has this place influenced your book at all?

I am from the place known as paradise on the universe: ‘The Kashmir’. This place has a 

beauty spreading all over, and it mesmerizes the eyes that see it. So, for me, this place has something, a spark, I can say which keeps on pushing me to write more and more and more. The dusk and dawns are so soothing to the eyes that nobody can resist to pen down about his/her emotions.

This blogger: Wow! It is so lovely to hear someone speak this way about the place that they come from; particularly, one like Kashmir, which is usually (and sadly) in the news for the wrong reasons.

Your book – Obsessed With The Dawns – is one of many poems. What are the poems about?

I have written about pain, pathos, hardships, feminism and divine love. Poetry, I feel, 

is a bond, a bridge, that connects the broken souls. There are around 35 poems in the book, most of which are relatable to everyone who is struggling hardships and who is apathetic of life.

interview with author Samina Mushtaq Khan - back of the book blurb

Are your poems linked to one another, or are they separate stories in and of themselves?

I won’t consider them a linked chain. Rather, they are different on the basis of themes 

and plots. Every poem will take you on a different journey; and, I promise, you are going to like the tour.

This blogger: Judging by all the reviews I have seen of your book, that is most certainly the case. Well done!

What was the spark that made you write your book? And why did you choose write poetry as opposed to a novel or novella?

Well… for me poetry is an emotion that you can express on a paper. I started writing 

after some tragic incidents. For me, writing a poem is a soul soother than to plot a fiction in the form of novel or novella.

This blogger: That’s a very good answer. I am sorry that you have been through tragic incidents. Undoubtedly, you have used these incidents in a positive, constructive way. You should be proud of yourself.

What would you like readers to learn or realise from your book?

I want to convey a message that ‘every dark night leads you to the new dawn and that you 

will be able to get up with a new ray of hope.’

On a meta level, what does Obsessed With The Dawns mean to you?

For me, Obsessed With The Dawns is an inspiration for the people who give up on pains and hardships. Life is a rollercoaster ride, so ups and downs are obvious. My poetic work holds a belief that the beauty of a sunrise can only be cherished only after a dark spell.

In your opinion, what three things make for memorable, engaging or touching poetry?

When a person co-relates your work with his emotions, he will recall it for decades; and 

your words will be written with golden ink, so that generations to come will enchant it with the same feel as it was penned down. Next is, if it depicts the beauty of your society it will be recalled. And if, it is related to the divinity, then it will never go off, come what may.

This blogger: You most definitely understand your craft, Samina. What you say is extremely impressive and I pray that your work is read for many generations to come.

If you could go back in time and speak to a young Samina Mushtaq Khan, what advice would you give her about the writing process?

I would like to embrace her, hold her hand and take her to the way of her Dreamland. That way, she would be able to see what it feels like when you see your dreams becoming a reality.

This blogger: Not only is your advice wonderful, the imagery you convey is outstanding. I can picture everything you have said as if it were happening to me right now!

interview with author samina mushtaq khan - advice

What did you find harder – writing your book or marketing it?

Of course, marketing because I am from a society where you find a small number of 

readers. People here are not attracted to the artistic world. Rather, they find themselves busy in other things. So, for me, marketing my content was a big challenge.

How has writing changed you as a person?

Writing has bestowed me with two best friends for forever: pen and paper. It has 

changed my way of pursuing things and I have started seeing beauty and positivity in every sect and corner of this universe.

Are you writing another book currently? If so, please could you tell us a bit about it?

I am on it and I promise the reader will cherish it’s every word. The book is about mysticism and divinity, as thoughts about the divine keep pouring on me like splashes.

This blogger: It sounds very interesting. I have every faith that reads will love it like they have loved Obsessed With The Dawns.

Lastly, outside of writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read books, but being a banker I don’t get much time. Still, I manage my leisure 

in reading to keep myself updated. I like to read fictitious characters. Besides I like to spend time roaming around the sunset points, but this sadly I don’t do as often as I would like.

End of Interview

The talented and inspiring poetess herself – Samina Mushtaq Khan.

Thus, our interview with author Samina Mushtaq Khan comes to an end. I would like to thank Samina for taking the time out of her day to be interviewed. It has been a pleasure getting to know more about her and I wish her only the best going forwards with her writings, banking career, and love of the sunsets.

You can purchase Samina’s book – Obsessed With The Dawnshere. For poetry lovers and people of culture, this is a must read. So, check it out now!

Otherwise, like Samina on Facebook and follow her on Instagram to keep up to date with her. That way, you will know exactly when her next book will be released.

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