Interview With Author JA Stone

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with author JA Stone. JA has written fifteen dark fantasy and sci-fi books, including Bloodroot, the AWOL Girl series and the Warfell And Fey series. In addition, he has taken part in four anthologies, including the newly released Rhythms of the Solstice.

I have spoken with JA several times over the last 18 months over Facebook. Recently, we were speaking and he kindly agreed to an interview.

Where do you come from and how did this place influence your writings?

I was born in LA, but have lived most of my life in Florida. The beach is my sanctuary and has always inspired me!

This blogger: Haha! The beach is a wonderful place to ruminate on one’s narrative. It sounds absolutely ideal.

Your write books mainly in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. What three things inspired you to write in these genres, and what makes your books different?

I blame Xena: Warrior Princess, and a lifetime love of Dark Fantasy authors like Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, RA Salvatore, and many more.

Who is the target audience for your books?

People like me! Fans of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to my stories because none of them are inappropriate.

Very recently, you collaborated with three other authors in Rhythms of the Solstice, in which you have written a short story, called ‘The Firefox of Frozen Falls.’ Why do you think people will enjoy your story? (Two reasons please.)

‘The Firefox of Frozen Falls’ is a tale of a Spirit Fox and a Kitsune from Japanese folklore, reimagined in a fantasy setting. I believe people will enjoy it because it speaks to the need for harmony with nature, and the evil deeds of men.

This blogger: I am intrigued already! I have every faith that many people will love it.

Of all the characters you have written in your books, which is the most like you? And how?

None of my characters are like me. Although, I wish I were more like them!

What two things would you like your readers to take away from your stories?

A sense of good triumphing over evil, and the satisfaction of a well-told tale.

This blogger: Those are really nice things to take away from a story. I am sure you do that and more.

If you could go back in time and speak with a younger JA Stone, what advice would you give him about the writing process?

Gosh, I would tell myself to save for advertising and marketing!

interview with author ja stone - his advice

What do you find to be the hardest part of the writing process?

The hardest part? Finding the self-motivation to sit down and get to work!

This blogger: (*Laughs*.) Yes, I completely understand that. But judging by how many books you’ve written, and how prolific you are, I doubt you lack self-motivation.

How has writing changed you as a person?

Oh, I have learned so much! I feel I am a better person!

When people tell you that they have read your books and discuss them with you, how does it make you feel?

Oh, man, that’s the best! I love any and all feedback, but just knowing someone read one of my stories is always a thrill and a half!

Outside of writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m retired, so writing actually is my spare time activity! As you know, I hang out on Facebook, and create digital art for relaxation as well.

This blogger: Haha! That’s amusing way of looking at writing. Still, it sounds like you do two or three things that you really enjoy doing in your retirement. Good on you for keeping active!

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to say that you haven’t as yet in this interview?

Just thank you for having me! I am so honored and excited!

This blogger: It has been my utmost pleasure. It has been wonderful getting to know you.

End of Interview

interview with author ja stone - rhythms of the solstice book cover
The recently released anthology, wherein JA has written the story, ‘The Firefox of Frozen Falls.’ Check it out NOW!

Alas, that brings our interview with author JA Stone to an end. I would like to thank JA for his time, and I wish him all the best with his future writings and his digital art.

You can purchase JA’s many books on Amazon, including his recent short story Rhythms of the Solstice. If you like reading dark fantasy and/or sci-fi, then check out his books NOW!

Otherwise, befriend JA on Facebook. That way, you can keep up to date with him, and know exactly when his next book will be released.

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