Interview With Author Hashmi Gor

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with author Hashmi Gor. Hashmi is a five-time fantasy author, with her last publication being last year’s Rules of Fate.

Recently, I spoke with Hashmi on Instagram and she kindly agreed to answer some questions.

Where do you live and has this place influenced your writings at all?

I live in bonny Scotland, and to be honest it hasn’t influenced my published books. But one of my other projects has influence from Edinburgh.

You published your first book, Blood Lines, in 2012. What was the spark that made you decide to write novels?

Actually, although I published Bloodlines first, I wrote Edge of Dawn first. I started writing Edge of Dawn because I really missed my home in Kenya.

This blogger: Oh, I did not know that. That’s very interesting and I am sorry that you miss your old home so much.

You have published five books in various different genres, including vampire romance, mythological fantasy, African adventure, paranormal sci-fi. First, this is a tremendous achievement and well done. Second, which genre do you feel most comfortable writing in?

Thank you! I love them all. African adventure seems to be the easiest for me. Again, because of my African roots. Plus, a lot of the stuff I write about has either happened to me or to people I know. Or I have heard about it happening.

Is there a genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to write in?

I would love to write a pure fantasy book, with world building. But it also scares me the most.

This blogger: That’s cool. You should do it. As it happens, that is my forte, including world-building. So, if you’d ever like some advice, I am here for you.

When you read or look back at your first novel, how do you view it? What would you do differently if you were to write it now?

I view it with nostalgia because I really enjoyed writing it. In fact, I still remember where I started it. Now that I’m writing the fourth book in the series, I would probably change the plot slightly to help me write the series finale! 🙂

Your most recent book is the paranormal sci-fi story, Rules of Fate. Who is the target audience for the novel?

Mainly young adults, and anyone who enjoys sarcasm. (*Laughs.*)

interview with author hashmi gor - synopsis for Rules of Fate

What three books, films or TV shows inspired you the most for Rules of Fate?

Rachel Caine’s Weather Wardens, some Jeffrey Archer novels, and also Clive Cussler books. Something is always happening every few pages in their stories.

A while ago I wrote a couple of blog posts about how to create an engaging main character. What three characteristics does your main character, Samantha Lewis, have that makes her engaging?

Samantha is sarcastic and trying to control stuff when she just can’t. Also, she says and thinks exactly what most of us probably would in those situations. So, yeah, she has a no filter approach.

This blogger: She sounds like an enjoyable main character. Well done on creating her!

On a meta level, what does Rules of Fate mean to you?

It’s so different from all my other books. I guess it feels really special to me.

Out of all the characters you have created in your books, which one is the most like you? And how?

I think my two main characters, Samantha and Muskaan, are the most like me. This is due to their sarcasm and general sense of humour.

If you could go back in time and speak with a younger Hashmi Gor, what advice would you give her about the writing process?

I would probably say – just write it. As long as you are having fun that’s all that’s important. Don’t worry about what others think and don’t try to write like someone else because it just won’t happen.

What do you find harder – writing your books or marketing them?

Definitely marketing them! I guess all writers feel like that.

This blogger: I can’t speak for all writers lol. When I self-publish my women’s fantasy novella later this year, I’ll let you know 😉.

How has writing changed you as a person?

I pay more attention to things happening round me. In addition, I come up with random ideas to use in my books.

Are you writing another novel currently? If so, please could you tell us a bit about it?

Yes! The fourth book in The Blood Series, and it’s called Blood Secrets Revealed. It is the finale of the series where all the secrets of the Elders, and the other characters hinted at in the other novels are revealed. I think it’s going to be really long! 😉

This blogger: Cool. I have every faith that it’s going to be epic, and that you will justify its length with excitement.

Lastly, outside of writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am an optometrist by profession and absolutely love it. Moreover, I enjoy gardening, dancing, and amateur photography, which I post in my other Instagram account @travelling_scotland_and_beyond

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The young, prolific and talented authoress, herself – Hashmi Gor. Watch her space and then you will know when her next book is coming out.

End of Interview

That concludes our interview with author Hashmi Gor. I would like to thank Hashmi for taking the time out to be interviewed, and to say that it has been delightful getting to know her. I wish her great success with her future writings, optometry, dancing and photography.

You can purchase Hashmi’s books on Amazon, including Bloodlines and Edge of Dawn. If you like YA Fantasy, they are perfect for you.

Otherwise, like Hashmi on Facebook; follow her on Twitter and Instagram; and check out her website. That way, you can up to date with her and know precisely when her next book, Blood Secrets Revealed, will come out.

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