Interview With Author Carly Davis

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with author Carly Davis. Carly has written many steamy novels in the dark erotic romance genre, including the Sinners & Saints series, the Crash & Burn series, and the Corrupted Angels series.

Recently, Carly and I got connected via Facebook, and she kindly agreed to an interview. Enjoy!

Where do you come from and how has this place influenced your writings?

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. As a young child, up to my teenage years, I grew up as a preacher’s daughter. I went from living in a small town to the city and eventually back to a small town where I currently reside.

A few of my series have influenced me. My Sinners & Saints series and the Crash & Burn series were influenced by my experiences living in a small town and my life as a preacher’s daughter.

What was the spark that made you start writing novels? 

I started out writing poetry and eventually kept a journal on my private thoughts after a tragedy struck in my life.

After a few years, I began writing steamy snippets and posted them in my private group on Facebook. With the push of a few of my author friends, I put those scenes together and wrote my first series. 

This blogger: I am sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, it seems like you have used this tragedy in a positive, constructive way. Full credit to you!

You write in the dark erotic genre. What three things inspired you to write in this genre?

I’ve always been a fan of dark and erotic romance. One thing that inspired me to pursue the dark erotica genre was an idea that came to me in a dream. The second, my reader fans kept suggesting to me to write one. So, I did.

The last one came after I did a live-write with a male dark erotic author. Without that, I don’t think I would have ever pursued the dark side of romance.

In your opinion, what three things make great erotica compared to average or bad erotica?

In good erotica, you need to make sure you have a storyline that flows. Don’t get too carried away with the level of erotica. I know that from experience. It can still be dark and taboo, but draw a line where too much is too much.

Lastly, the characters need to have both steam and chemistry between one another. It’s all about connecting the characters on an erotic level. Without that, in my opinion, it’s just porn on paper.

This blogger: You seem to have a great understanding for balance, and for what is needed to write a great story; particularly, here, as the erotica can become gratuitous very quickly.

How does your Corrupted Angels series differ from your Sinners & Saints series?

My Corrupted Angels and Sinners & Saints stories are connected to one another. However, they are both very different.

While Corrupted Angels is set in Las Vegas with badboy men in suits, while Sinners & Saints is in a small town in Oklahoma with small town country badboys. Both series do have BDSM and kinky themes involved.

On a meta-level, what do your stories mean to you?

On a meta-level, my stories mean a great deal to me. In fact, they mean everything to me. They’re my accomplishments as an author. Each one of my characters holds a special place in my heart.

When people discuss your books with you, how do you feel, especially with regards to the steamier scenes?

When people discuss my books, it makes my day. Whether it’s good or bad, I always love to know what they think about my books. I need the feedback to know what I can make better.

With regards to the steamier scenes, it makes me squeal with excitement to know what they’re opinions are. It brings a smile to my face to know they loved reading it as much as I did writing it.

This blogger: That’s great! I can only imagine the delight you feel around this.

If you could go back in time and speak with a younger Carly Davis, what advice would you give her about the writing process? 

I would tell myself to take my time and let the words flow. Don’t force words you can’t write. If you get writer’s block, clear your mind and come back when you have a clear head.

interview with author carly davis - advice

What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Believe it or not, the hardest part of the writing process is the epilogue. That’s my biggest struggle.

This blogger: That’s a new one! How interesting. I’ll bear that in mind when I write my epilogue lol.

How has writing changed you as a person?

Writing has changed me so much. I’ve become a better person. I have become more open-minded to things and lifestyles my younger self wasn’t. Also, I’ve learned that I can be myself without being judged; something my younger self couldn’t do for reasons I won’t name. I’d like to keep that private.

This blogger: That’s all right. Honestly, and more importantly, it is wonderful to hear that writing has changed you for the better.

Are you writing another book at present? If so, please could you give us a sneak peek?

Yes, I’m currently writing a book. This is a novella in my newest series called Crash & Burn. You will need to read the first in the series (Dirty Deeds). The book I’m currently writing is a prequel to it, called Dirty Secrets.

Here is the blurb:

I had her.

Then, I lost her.

It was supposed to be me and her against the world. I guess fate had other plans for us. We strayed and that’s when everything went to crap. She had her life. I had mine. Until our worlds collided. I can see her hidden truths.

My angel is waiting for a prince to swoop in and break the chains.

Some fairytales have a prince on a white horse. That isn’t that story. This is the one about the dark prince that takes what he wants. And what he wants is the broken princess to put back together.

Lastly, outside of writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of writing, I enjoy spending time with my family and furbabies. I love camping and fishing with the hubby.

When I’m not writing, you can find me with a good erotic book, whilst holding a glass of whiskey. Also, I’ve taken up a hobby of making book covers.

End of Interview

interview with author carly davis - photo of herself
A photo of Carly Davis, herself, that reflects the dark nature of her stories.

Alas, that brings our interview with author Carly Davis to a close. I would like to thank Carly for her time, and to wish her all the best with her next book (Dirty Secrets), her furbabies, and her book cover-making hobby.

You can purchase Carly’s books on Amazon, including her Corrupted Angels, Sinners & Saints and Crash & Burn series. If you enjoy quality erotica, Carly’s books are right up your street.

Otherwise, like Carly on Facebook and join her Facebook group; check out her Bookbub and Goodreads pages; follow her on MeWe and join her group on the platform; and subscribe to her newsletter. That way, you can keep up to date with her and know precisely when her next book will be released.

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