Interview With Author Avinish Pathak

Today, we have the honour of an interview with author Avinish Pathak. Avinish has published The Tragic End of Love. Pathak and I have been in touch on Instagram for a while now, and recently he kindly agreed to an interview.

Where do you come from and how has this place influenced your writings , if at all?

I belong to Orai, Uttar Pradesh (northern India). But I was neither born there, nor have I lived there. So you can say I have only paternal or ancestral connection to the place.

That’s why I have chosen the story setup in the city of Mathura, in India, and it’s native places like Jhansi, etc… And currently I live in Gwalior.

This blogger: It is amazing that you have such a strong connection to your roots, even though you have never been to the place of your father. One day, maybe, you will write a story set in Orai, as well.

Your novel is called The Tragic End of Love. What is it about, and what was the spark that made you write it?

The Tragic End of Love is a basically love quadrangle. I always wanted to write a love story with a tragic backdrop. Then, one day, I read somewhere the love life of Lord Krishna, a major deity in the Hindu religion, and was mesmerised when I found out that he has three devoted lovers.

After that, I decided to write a novel on his life. But to be very honest, the novel is not based on his life because it is a modern day retelling of his tragic love story, with lots of twist and turns, naturally. (*Smiles*.)

interview with author avinish pathak - synopsis

What genre is the novel In, and who is the target audience? 

The genre of my novel is tragic romance because I feel more connection to both of those genres, respectively. And the target audience are adults, teenagers, and even children who have an interest in reading some unique tragic romances.

Are any of the characters in the story like You? If so, who and how? 

If you are asking me the character which is quite like me, I feel the most connection with the character of Meera. She is the only one who never officially confesses her love.

Even when I was writing her death sequence I had tears in my eyes. So, that’s why I was emotionally connected with her character. 

This blogger: Wow, that’s powerful stuff. I hope your readers feel the pain you felt when they read her death.

What two things would you like people to take away from the tragic end of love?

Firstly, I want people to admire the person who confess love for you. Secondly, if you are in a one-sided love, then don’t try to think that from the other side you will get the same response.

On a meta–level what does your book mean to you?

This book had actually been in my imagination for a year. I always wanted to write a love triangle, but in the end I wrote a love quadrangle with a tragic backdrop.

It may sound weird for people that I was calling my story a love quadrangle. But it’s true that this book is actually a tragic love quadrangle.

This blogger: It doesn’t sound weird to me. It’s sounds like something different and well worth reading.

On Instagram, you out up a lot of positive, motivational posts. How do you square that with writing a book called The Tragic End of Love? How do you reconcile the supposed contradiction of the positivity of one with the negativity of other?

Simply, I say I am quite a positive person. Whenever somebody doesn’t give me a positive vibe, I will never give them much attention back. I have quite a simple philosophy in my life: if you want to remain positive all the time, you have to write.

As I say, whenever I have come across some negative thoughts in my mind, I just start writing. Somehow writing is like a relaxation therapy for me.

This blogger: I am really pleased to hear it. I am glad writing has that effect on you. 

If you could go back in time and speak with younger Avinish Pathak, what advice would you give him about the writing process?

The advice I would give my younger version is to start writing a novel in your school time, itself. Because then I could have written 2 or 3 books now.

interview with author avinish pathak - advice

How has writing changed you as a person?

Writing is something which I personally feel has truly made me. It is the only thing which I can do anytime, and it has only brought positive changes to my life.

Because of writing, I have become mature as a human being. And with the tag of an author before my name is such an honour for me. (*Smiles*.)

This blogger: I completely relate to that. Indeed, calling yourself an author is very satisfying.

Are you writing another book at present? If so, could you tell us about it please?

Honestly, I have just locked the plot for my next novel, but only in my mind. My characters are ready to captivate the audiences. My next novel is going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride for me as a writer, and I hope for my audience in time, as well. 

What do you like to do outside writing, in your spare time?

I have great passion for typing and music. Apart from that I have also done tally masters in all versions. So, I had to finish my pending in my spare time. Moreover, I have to manage my studies too. 

Is there anything else you would like to say that you haven’t already in this interview?

One last message for readers – Guys keep supporting my novel! I will be back soon with my next novella, which is surely going to be an interesting story.

This blogger: I am sure they will, and that your audience will love your next book as much as they loved your first.

End of Interview

The Tragic End of Love, the debut novella by Avinish Pathak. Check it out NOW!

And that brings our interview with author Avinish Pathak to an end, I’m afraid. I would like to say that it has been really lovely getting to know Avinish, and I wish him all the best gong forwards with his music, his studies, and his next book.

You can purchase Avinish’s book, The Tragic End of Love, on Amazon. If you enjoy reading a love quadrangle, laced with tragedy, then check it out NOW.

Otherwise, follow Pathak on Instagram. Then, you’ll be able to keep up to date with him, so that you will know precisely when his next book is coming out.

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