Interview With Actor & Producer Lily Thaisz

Today, we are honoured to have an interview with actor & producer Lily Thaisz. Lily has featured in the HBO series, McMillions; had a supporting role in Frank & Us; and wrote, produced and starred in The Sex Talk.

Here is the interview. Enjoy!

End of Interview

interview with actor & producer lily thaisz - her advice
Lily’s advice for brilliant actors and producers wanting to be creative and do different roles (said at 25:11 in the interview above).

Alas, that brings our interview with actor & producer Lily Thaisz to a close. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Lily for her time. It was wonderful getting to know her better, and I found her positivity and initiative infectious. Certainly, I wish her all every success in the world with The Sex Talk (which is doing the rounds on the film circuit currently), and with her future projects. Undoubtedly, Lily is going to be a star!

In addition, check out the trailer for The Sex Talk. It is brilliant, funny and well-worth watching.

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