How To Target Your Audience Better

Last year, over the course of two blog posts, we looked at how to target your audience better. Today, we have a video consisting of four tips that will enable you to determine your target audience and cater to them satisfactorily.


how to target your audience better - Fant4stic
In the video, we discuss how and why Josh Trank got his target audience wrong in the disaster that was 2015’s Fant4stic.

In the video of how to target your audience better, some of the key matters discussed are as follows:

  • Decide your genre;
  • Be aware of the problems of crossover with regards to subgenres; and
  • Choose a POV Character that is fitting your target audience.

In the video, we look at many examples, such as:

  • Josh Trank’s Fant4stic;
  • 2020’s Birds of Prey; and
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

In addition, we discuss why George RR Martin has a stronger female to male readership ration compared to Joe Abercrombie, even though both are in the dark fantasy genre; and why the James Bond, Harry Potter and Mission: Impossible franchises can go for a ‘catch-all’ approach.

I hope you enjoy the video and that it helps to make the writing process a little bit easier for you as well.

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