How To Create The Ultimate Secondary Character

Today, we have a video on how to create the ultimate secondary character. It consists of nine tips that will enable you to write strong supportive characters. Indeed, many of the tips in the video are ones that we discussed in these two blog posts last year.

The Video

how to create the ultimate secondary character - selina kyle/catwoman
Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) is just one of the many examples of secondary characters used in the video.

With each tip, we will look at two examples to underline my points. Therefore, examples include: Boromir of Gondor, Selina Kyle/Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises, Brom from Eragon/The Inheritance Cycle, and Hermione Grainger, among many others.

In addition, I have given some great authors (that I have interviewed) a shout out in the video. The three authors are:

  1. Samantha Goodwin – Author of the crime drama Murder of Macbeth;
  2. N.M. Thorn – Author of fantasy series The Fire Salamander Chronicles;
  3. Nyna Queen – Author of the YA Fantasy saga The Trueborn Heirs series.

I hope you find this video useful and interesting. Plus, I hope it helps to make the writing process a little easier for you as well.

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