Film Review – The Dark Knight

Last time around, we reviewed Batman Begins, where we discussed how to write an origins story. Thus, it only seems natural to look at the next in The Dark Knight Trilogy. So, today, we have a film review – The Dark Knight.

In a video, we shall discuss this amazing movie, with particular emphasis on how make your hero fall.


film review - the dark knight - the joker plays a role in batman's fall
The Joker (Heath Ledger) plays a huge role in Batman’s fall in The Dark Knight.

In the review, we discuss how five key points on how Christopher Nolan (the director of Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy and the 2020’s Tenet, among others) brings our iconic hero down. The five tips are:

  • The film starting on a high and how Bruce Wayne/Batman is brought down thereafter;
  • How the Joker/the role of the antagonist brings Batman down (plus why the Joker is Osama Bin Laden writ small);
  • How the action sequences bring Batman down;
  • What the subliminal messages tell us about dealing with nihilists and an enhanced interrogation techniques; and
  • How the music in the last scene sums up Batman’s fall.

I hope you enjoy my film review – The Dark Knight, that it shows you a (great) way to make your hero fall, and that it makes the writing process a little easier for you as well.

Let me know what you think of my review in the comments below,


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