Exciting News – My New YouTube Channel

So, I have some more exciting news – my new YouTube channel is up with near a dozen videos for you to see already.

The ‘welcome to my channel’ video on my homepage for non-subscribers.

On my channel, we will discuss writing tips, author news, and Game of Thrones-related content. In addition, I will put up video interviews with authors, actors, filmmakers and models, and all kinds of other content creators as and when I interview them.

Here is an example of a video from my writing tips playlist.
My interview with J.M. Buckler is an example of a video interview I have done with authors, and which I will continue to do going forwards.

Moreover, I wish to add that in my writing tips videos, I give a shout out to authors I have promoted/interviewed. I intend this a lot more going forwards. So, if you’d like your book to get some publicity in a video, just message me and I will promote it (like I do on my Instagram and Facebook pages).

More than anything, I really hope you enjoy my content. Also, I hope that my tips help to make the writing process a little easier for you. Be the first to get new videos onto your YouTube homepage by clicking the subscribe button.

Let me know what you think of my channel and videos.

Paul – or should I say, P.E. Gilbert Author 😉

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