Exciting News – The Sultan’s Daughter!

Something a little different today for a blog piece. I am proud to share with you some exciting news – The Sultan’s Daughter. After sitting at my desk and making mistakes for over ten years, I am finally going to fulfil one of my life’s dreams and become a fantasy author.

I have been writing The Sultan’s Daughter since August, and will be self-publishing it on Amazon. The release date is 2nd July 2020, and it will be available in both Kindle/e-book format and in paperback.

Honestly, I cannot wait to share it with you all. Best of all, it is a novella. At 121 pages (in paperback), it won’t take you long to read.

The Blurb for The Sultan’s Daughter

“The Kingdom exists in a delicate balance. Do everything you can, Nalini, to keep it together.”

Victory means life and furthering everything that her father has built. Defeat means death, destruction and ruin.

The choices could not be starker for Princess Nalini after a curse is placed upon her family. Untrained for rule and war, she must adapt quickly. For who else can stop the armies of frightening fanaticism marching toward the capital if not the Sultan’s daughter?


Now, I would like to thank the two people who helped make this dream possible. These are Martin from Cover Art Studio, who created the (beautiful) cover for me; and Vanessa Garland, who drew the map for me.

I highly recommend both. Thus, if you are looking for someone to make a cover for your story, get in touch with Martin. Similarly, if you want someone to draw you a map for your world, get in touch with Vanessa. Both are great to work with and have done splendid jobs.

The map that Vanessa (expertly) drew for me for my debut fantasy novella, The Sultan’s Daughter. I also had the privilege of interviewing Vanessa recently. Read it here.

Other News – Writing Consultancy Services & YouTube

The news does not end only with The Sultan’s Daughter. In the coming month, I will start doing writing consultancy services and I will launch a YouTube channel. I will discuss more of this in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I hope you like the cover for The Sultan’s Daughter. Plus, now that I am publishing a book, you will soon be able to check to see whether (or not) I keep to my own writing tips 😉

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