About Me

Hi, my name is Paul Gilbert. Born and bred in London (UK), I am 32 years old and since finishing my history degree at the University of Birmingham a decade ago, I have sat at my desk, every night, writing my fantasy novel.

I have loved writing it and my passion to finish the trilogy has only increased with time. Indeed, I look forward to writing my story today more than I did when I started writing it. None of this, however, should mask the fact that I have made a boat-load of mistakes along the way, in my quest to write a gripping story to the best of my abilities.

But you know what? I have learned from every mistake I’ve made and this is the point of the blog.

About The Blog

I want to help new writers avoid the frustrations and setbacks that I have endured over the years. By giving tips and practical advice (with examples from fiction), based upon what I have learned, I believe I can give new writers a solid understanding of how to approach writing an engaging fiction or fantasy novel. So once week, every Monday, I will put up a blog post on how to approach writing.

But that is not all! Once a week, every Wednesday, I will post a short piece of fanfiction; and at the end of every month, I will post an excerpt of my unpublished novel (Blood & Defiance) for viewers to enjoy. In addition, subscribers to the blog will receive an excerpt from my novel that I will not be posting online; plus, every six weeks, they will be sent additional tips on writing that I will not post on the blog. So subscribe!